Manchester Bombing

22 people were killed yesterday in Manchester, England, after a terrorist  attack occurred at an Ariana Grande concert. A suicide bomber waited for the concert to end, and when people were leaving to go to their rides, detonated the bomb. Around 60 people were injured as well, and hundreds of children that were at that concert were separated from their parents. The Holiday Inn are keeping those kids and teenagers safe until their family finds them, they also have an emergency number for anyone seeking confirmation of family or friends’  safety –  0161 856 9400.

This is ridiculously gross. I cannot believe how much traumatization and anguish and sadness and horror families are going through right now. Grande herself must be in a mix of emotions, most likely feeling like it’s her fault those people and children are injured and dead.

My best wishes go to anyone involved with the incident, and people with family and friends involved.


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