13 Reasons Why (Opinions)

I’ve NEVER been big on watching tv, but recently I’ve been getting into a lot more. I started watching Neflix’s “13 Reasons Why” a couple of nights ago. Here’s the plot (It’s kind of hard to explain so if this makes no sense I’m sorry).

A teenage girl, Hannah Baker kills herself. She was fairly new to town and the school she was at, but grew to know lots of people. She didn’t leave a note or explanation for her parents, just left. But she did leave something for some of the people she associated with. Cassette tapes. 13 reasons for 13 people to listen to. Everyone that receives the tapes had something to do with her death

The story is mainly focused on Hannah and Clay. Although Hannah is dead, there are many flashbacks of her being shown, and one tape is played throughout every episode. Clay, is the last one to receive the tapes. He listens to them. Very, very slowly might I add.

You get to learn about what everyone did to her, she was used, bullied, harassed and more.

So far I’ve only finished episode 6. The first episode was slightly boring, for the first half of it at least, and then it kinda came together towards the end. Now I’m pretty into the show, learning new things about people I thought were innocent. There’s a lot about issues there are in today’s society for kids and teenagers, but also a lot that are super exaggerated. It’s really different, in a good way. It’s depressing and happy and exiting and a whole bunch of emotions all in one. It keeps you curious and frustrated.

If you’ve seen the show at all, did you like it . Did you get into it?

Obviously I like the show, but I’m not super hooked, I just wanna know what Clay did to be on the tapes, and of course that’s gonna be on one of the episodes more towards the end of the season. I really don’t think there’s gonna be a second season though, there’d need to be a whole new plot, a different show completely, that kinda sucks for the people obsessed, and there seems to be A LOT. The only reason I knew about the show was because of all the hype about it on social media.

Anyways, that’s all for today, have a good one ☺️


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